Sahand Pourjavad
Technical team member at ICDS.AI



I am Sahand Pourjavad, born in 2012 in Iran.
I can speak 7 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Turkish, and Persian.)
I know 3 programming languages (Python, HTML/CSS, and Javascript)
I know 2 Data visualization tools in Python (Matplotlib and Plotly)
and 2 Data handling/analysis tools in Python (Numpy and Pandas).
I know two Machine Learning libraries (Scikit-learn and Keras)

My Awards:
Bronze medal of the SASMO Math Olympiad (2021)
Gold medal of the SIMOC Math Olympiad (2021)
Silver medal of the Aviccenna Research Center (2021)
GCPA Award (Global Child Prodigy Awards) (2021)
Member of the Mensa High IQ Society (2023)
Delf Prim A2.2 92.5/100 (2022)

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